Melissa Fritchle, MA

Holistic Psychotherapy & Couples Therapy

Sex Therapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Appointments available in the Santa Cruz area 831 471-5797

CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #46827

About Melissa

Holistic Psychotherapist

I have my Masters degree in Holistic Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University and am licensed by the CA Board of Behavioral Sciences as a Marriage and Family Therapist (lic.#48627).I volunteered for several years as a therapist for Women’s Crisis Support/Defensa des Mujeres in Santa Cruz. I have training in Process Therapy, couple’s therapy, mindfulness techniques, movement and dance therapies, and in the impact of nutrition on mood. I am also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Sex Therapist

I have completed well over a hundred hours of training specific to human sexuality and sexual health as well as an internship in a private practice devoted to sex therapy. I am a member of the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists and have experience working with a wide variety of sexual issues and concerns. I have been a member of World Professional Association for Transgender Health and completed an internship working with transgender clients.

International Educator

I am an active sex educator, giving workshops regularly for both professionals and the public. I teach as adjunct faculty for the Masters programs in Counseling Psychology, Holistic Specialization and Expressive Arts Specialization at John F. Kennedy University and Masters programs at the Sofia University. In 2010, I traveled to Uganda where I designed and taught the first Human Sexuality curriculum for two universities there.


I am a regular expert contributor to Your Tango, a website dedicated to love, sex and relationships. Find links to my articles for Your Tango on the Articles and Media page. My articles have been published on PBS : This Emotional Life, Fox News and Madame Noire among other places. I am the volume editor for the educational book, The Praeger Handbook of Community Mental Health Practice, Volume Three : The Global Community, to be published in February 2013. I write a blog called Conscious Sexual Self, which is hosted on this website.