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Melissa Fritchle, MA

Holistic Psychotherapy & Couples Therapy

Sex Therapy

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Appointments available in the Santa Cruz area 831 471-5797

CA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #46827

Upcoming Training with Melissa

Consultation Group

Wednesdays once a month

4:30pm - 6:30pm
$40 a session
At private residence in Mountain View, CA


Mondays once a month

5:30pm - 7:30pm
$40 a session
At office in Santa Cruz, CA

This group is open to interns and licensed therapists or social workers who want support in utilizing more holistic techniques into their work. The group will be kept small so we can build trust and help each grow our practices.

Call for information about group openings

Supporting Our Elders in Their Sexual Journey

April 15th 2016

9:30am - 3:30pm

In Santa Cruz, CA

Aging does not remove our sexual nature. Our unique sexual journey continues to unfold in new ways, with losses perhaps but also potentially with new discoveries. However, elder sexuality often goes unacknowledged. Our aging population is open to reach out for therapy support. Are we ready for them?
In this workshop you will learn about common issues that can affect sexuality as we age, resolving relationship dynamics in later years, and ways to support single and coupled senior clients as they navigate changing sexual terrain. (Provides 5 CEs for CA BBS)


Diverse Couples = Diverse Sexuality

February 26th 2016

At AAMFT California Division Conference

Sexual Diversity is broader than GLBT; it includes a huge spectrum of sexual expression and desires, most of which is not covered in a brief Human Sexuality course back in grad school. As therapists, it is crucial that we can help our clients navigate this terrain without letting our own preferences or fears get in their way. In this workshop we will focus on sex-positive couple’s therapy and ways to support your clients in having authentic, clear discussions about their beliefs, desires, fantasies, and limits. We will use tools to facilitate client-driven assessment for healthy sexual behaviors. We will specifically touch on the emotional and relational aspects of, and the diversity within, chosen celibacy, BDSM, and polyamory or open relationships and how to support couples who are exploring in these areas. Legal and ethical issues will be clarified and strategies for coping with and transcending counter-transference will be addressed. Modern couples are ready to talk about sexual possibilities, are you?
Register for the conference: https://aamftca.formstack.com/forms/6th_annual_aamftca_conference

Online Trainings

Working With Sexual Desire in Couples Therapy

Online anytime

Offered Through AAMFT

The most common sexual complaint clients will bring to couples therapy is low sexual desire, for one or both partners. And yet, many therapists feel at a loss in how to address this complex issue and the relational fallout that can occur for couples after years of a struggling sex life. In this webinar, Ms. Fritchle will look at the newest diagnostic features for low desire and talk about the discrepancies in how to define low desire at all. Ms. Fritchle will outline a holistic sexual assessment that takes into account the interrelated physical, social, spiritual, and mental aspects that can impact desire. She will address common dynamics seen in couples related to low desire, including non-sexual couples, and how to support them in seeking change.
Register: https://www.aamft.org/imis15/AAMFT/Content/Courses/Courses.aspx

Working with Polyamory & Open Relationships

Online anytime

Offered through Sex Coach U Expert Courses

This course will prepare you to work with clients who are exploring or already engaged in non-monogamous relationship agreements. With the prevalence of divorce and infidelity in our culture, many people are looking for different answers in how to have relationships with integrity. Being familiar and comfortable with the diversity in polyamory and the choices your clients may make is important. Through this course you will learn the basics of different styles and approaches to polyamory, how to help clients establish effective and honest agreements, how to talk about jealousy and safer sex options, and important concepts and terms used in poly communities.