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Claim Your Sexuality

Imagine your sexuality as an empowering, active part of your life, a positive blend of your mind, body, and spirit. Imagine feeling fulfilled and free in your sexual expression. Imagine describing your sex life as fun, hot, relaxing, bonding… as something you feel good about. Imagine your relationships as vital, full of easy communication and shared growth, a place where you get to rediscover yourself and your partner again and again.

There are many reasons we may lose sight of this vision for our sexuality or our relationships. You may have been having sex that is difficult, uncomfortable or disappointing or you may feel ashamed of your sexual desires or frightened by their intensity. You and your partner may have issues that are blocking you from being freely sexual together and past hurts that are still present. You may have been playing it safe, scared to lose each other. You may have questions that have felt too embarassing to have answered. You may have believed that that was just the way it had to be for you.

You can reclaim your sexuality and change your relationships.

I offer compassionate, educated, sex positive psychotherapy for individuals, couple's therapy, sex education, workshops, retreats and groups. Call to schedule an appointment at my office in Capitola, California.

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