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Embodied Attunement: Teaching Couples to Listen to Their Bodies Together 

Sunday March 3, 9:30am - 1o:30am                                 Part of the Process Therapy Institute 2019 Conference in Campbell, CA          

$see fees for conference participation (1.5 CE hours) 

Loving, intentional, attuned touch is something so many of us are yearning for but may not know how to co-create with a partner. As therapists we have our own memories and patterns of mis-attunement and supporting our clients touches on our yearning, disappointments and fears. Being aware of our own attachment needs and connection to our own body is key and this workshop will help build that awareness. Specifically talking about, and practicing, how to be more intentional in the way we touch one another opens new insights into our partners, our selves, safety & consent, and pleasure. It is a much needed conversation.

Developed by Holistic Sex Therapist & Certified Mindfulness Mediation Teacher Melissa Fritchle, LMFT, Embodied Attunement is an experiential approach to therapy or coaching sessions that invites clients to tune in to their own body sensations, their partner’s body cues, and the collaborative dance between them. Using Mindfulness practices to build compassionate awareness creates a foundation for non-sexual touch exercises that clients can be guided through in session. This trauma-informed sex positive therapy practice helps clients heal attachment wounds, trauma patterns, relationship trust issues, and to slow down and enjoy more sensual connected sex.

Stay for the panel discussion on Working With Clients in Crisis that Melissa is a part of as well! Immediately after

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Supporting Families When Kids are Becoming Sexually Active 

Offered Through AAMFT $35 

Facing the realities of a child's sexuality can be difficult for any parent. As therapists, people turn to us for guidance on how to manage this aspect of parenting and family life. In this webinar Sex Therapist & Educator Melissa Fritchle will discuss developmental sexuality in the context of our modern life so that we can help parents be positive and proactive as their children grow into adulthood. She will outline some of the current topics families may face such as, masturbation, porn, consent, gender, STDs, birth control, abstinence. Providing diverse sex positive-therapy means focusing on ways to support parents clarify and articulate their own ethics, fears, and hopes regarding their children's sexuality, while always considering our own counter-transference and mythologies so that we can be more effective. 

 Working With Sexual Desire in Couples Therapy

 Offered Through AAMFT      $35

The most common sexual complaint clients will bring to couples therapy is low sexual desire, for one or both partners. And yet, many therapists feel at a loss in how to address this complex issue and the relational fallout that can occur for couples after years of a struggling sex life. In this webinar, Ms. Fritchle will look at the newest diagnostic features for low desire and talk about the discrepancies in how to define low desire at all. Ms. Fritchle will outline a holistic sexual assessment that takes into account the interrelated physical, social, spiritual, and mental aspects that can impact desire. She will address common dynamics seen in couples related to low desire, including non-sexual couples, and how to support them in seeking change.  

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 Professional Consultations:

 I offer private consultations with therapists and health professionals. Do you want to work more holistically with your clients? Do you want to feel more inspired and empowered to create change? Do you want to expand your healing practice to include more depth in the areas of sex and relationships? We can schedule your private consultation as a phone session or in my office. I charge $100/hour for consultations; you can talk about as many cases as you like.